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Webzervice - More Than Just a Website!

Websites ~
We do it all for you!  From designing, creating, updating and maintaining your site - to giving you easy access for your own business email!  Updates are free - so we are able to keep your business up to date!
Domains ~
We can secure your domain name for you - without the hassle!  No more searching or confusion, just let us do the work for you! 
Hosting ~
We have our own secure web server that will provide hosting for your website.  If you are wanting to create & maintain your own site, we will host it for you!  Competitively priced, we are the your 'go to' site!

We provide low-cost feature-rich web hosting. Our partnered  business model emphasizes service to small and medium sized businesses, allowing them to focus on their business while we handle their Internet site.

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